St. John's Wedding Photographers || Kat + Geoff Are Married!!

Feast your eyes on this set, you won't be sorry when you see this sweet pair :) Way back in August, with only a couple weeks left before their ceremony, Kat and her fiancé Geoff asked me to capture their elopement on Signal Hill.. How could I say no to that?! Well, I didn't! :) That's how I came to know their story.

These two were living in Nova Scotia with their little ones, when Geoff one day proposed! However, upon planning their day, the lovebirds realized a big wedding wasn't what they wanted... so they put the nuptials aside, and for the next 4 years, life, while wonderful, got in the way of the vows. HOWEVER! Flash forward to August, 2015. Finally, K+G just couldn't wait any longer!!! So, with their best friends and the kids in tow, they planned a trip here to our beautiful province of NL, seeing the sights and catching a concert weekend on their way! After all that fun, everything quieted down when everyone came down a flowery path on the side of Signal Hill to the sound of the waves, waiting for the ceremony to start. Finally, after 4 years of waiting, Geoff got to see his bride come down the "aisle" (might I mention, she looked stunning in her mermaid-style gown!!). With only a few VIP's (Very Important Peeps)- a couple parents, best friends, and the kids, Kathleen and Geoff made it official with moving vows and a ceremony that even brought tears to my eyes (although anyone who knows me knows that is not very hard). After sharing some champagne, hugs, and kisses, the crew left to celebrate the brand new Mr. and Mrs.!!! Now that you know their story, have a look at the photos I was honoured to capture! Have a happy day, xo

xox, Maddie