Why Getting Your Photo Taken Matters

Memories are the threads that stitch our life together into our own personal and beautiful quilt.

Let’s make one thing clear: life is busy.

Between getting yourself out of your so-cozy bed, or getting your kids ready for school through the frustrating yet beautiful chaos, and waking your mind up to start the day ahead, mornings are busy.

Going through school or work, focusing on so many things at once plus trying to keep your personal life in balance- that’s busy.

Getting home at the end of the day and immediately rushing to get supper ready and cleaning the house or doing dishes and loads of what seems like never-ending laundry- that’s also busy.


Life doesn’t stop. No matter what type of life you are living, more than likely there’s always SOMETHING going on. In today’s world, no matter how much we crave it, relaxation and a quiet mind is hard to come by, for everyone.

Because of all this, more and more our lives are starting to slip through our fingers.

I know that having photos taken has a bad rep, and it can be super nerve wracking or just plain awkward for some people (that’s one of the reasons I STAY behind the camera…).

But, what if when you are older one day and you realize your life has passed you by? What if you have no memories to hold in your hands, hang on your wall, and stuff into those photo albums from Michael’s or Winner’s to look back on?


GET THOSE MEMORIES. Get those photos of the way you and your fiancé look at each other when you feel full to the brim with love. Get the photos of your first kiss as husband and wife, and the sweet beautiful wedding photos. Get the pictures of you in your favourite place, proudly showing off the belly that’s making you a mommy-to-be. Get the memories of you and your wonderful family, laughing, playing, and exploring, before they turn into teenagers right before your very eyes. Get the shots of you in your prom dress or tuxedo, looking super fierce. Get photos of beautiful you.

Think about it. How much fun we would have exploring and making you feel super awesome and empowered. Think how wonderful it’ll be to receive photos of the most important things in your life. We ALL take those iPhone shots, and a lot of times those are a really cool way to freeze a random moment of your life.

But for all those moments that aren’t random- your engagement, marriage, the birth of your child, your high school graduation, etc, trust me- down the line you will want fun, beautiful, candid, professional photos to remember the best parts of your life’s quilt. :)

YOU are beautiful. Your life is beautiful. Really. It's worth remembering, all of it.

Are you convinced?

I take so much pride in being able to provide people with beautiful moments and memories they can cherish for a really long time. Let’s capture YOURS. maddiemillsphotography@gmail.com