Getting Art For Your Home Matters. Here's Why.

As a photographer, I can only hope that when a session or wedding has been captured, clients will want to get their amazing digitals turned into memorable, beautiful art though me instead of visiting Walmart, Dominion, or Costco... But, like most dreams, that's one that doesn't achieve reality. 

And you know what? That's my fault. 

But with the new year coming, I'm going to change that, so that everyone who books with me has the opportunity to have stunning, tangible, brag-worthy art for their home that showcases your memories. 

"But", you may ask "what exactly IS wrong with printing at Walmart or Dominion?"

Well, you get what you pay for. 
And after you have paid your photographer a good investment to create gorgeous memories for you, why would you want to waste them on cheap photos that turn out as cheap quality? 

You deserve the best. 

As your photographer, my investment in you goes way beyond just the day of our session. I make sure I get to know you, and become familiar with what matters to you. Extensive preparation goes into your session or wedding, and I help you plan it from start to finish. After our shoot is done, I spend hours in front of a computer making your images come to life, turning them into art just for you.

You wouldn't get your photos taken by Sears or Walmart and the print them through me, would you? Of course not. So why would working with me be any different?

Lucky for you, now it's not :)

With the new year approaching I am happy to say that I am now full service. Like always, I am committed to creating truly priceless photographs for you of the things that matter most, and that now includes a focus on giving you the best most professional and beautiful, tangible memories that you can proudly display in your home (and actually afford!).

When you look back on old photos down the road as the years have gone by, you won't want faded, cracked, blurry photos that were 30 cents at your local supermarket shoved into a box in the back of your closet. You'll want priceless, timeless, classic and beautiful art that has been hung up ever since your session with me and has stood the rest of time; art that has brought smiles to your face each time you pass by. 

Art for your home matters. And that's why.

Now come on, let's create some together. 

XO, Maddie