Journal : Two Homes For My Heart


I always had the assumption that long distance relationships are hard, but I never truly understood until I entered into one myself. 

Last year in Newfoundland, I met my Joe through fortunate timing (and I like to think a bit of fate) and it started a journey I never could have expected, but wouldn't take back for the world.

Joe is from England (yes he has the accent, wee) and was in NL temporarily for school, and on our first date my parents and their friends coincidentally walked by the coffee shop we were in (no sarcasm here haha, this is the truth). Joe thought it would be absolutely hilarious to invite them all inside, and this show of good sportsmanship in the moment of my beet-red-in-the-face embarrassment was all I needed to know that he was going to be my person. He also had a Harry Potter watch on, and the big nerd inside me was pumped. ;)

When his time here for school was done, so began our long distance relationship and months of letters, FaceTime hangouts, and counting down from 9 million seconds in the Countdown App (9 million seconds was MUCH funnier to watch than 4 months) until I would visit during a break in my wedding season. 

What you're about to see are not wedding photographs taken on my real camera. It's not me all geared up for headshots, or snaps of Petunia, or super pretty travel photos. It's perfectly imperfect cell phone shots of one of the best weeks ever, where I simply got to exist and live life with the man I love. 

I hope you enjoy this look into my life that you all super highly requested I share- and that you have a laugh at some of the upcoming ridiculously nerdy and wonderful moments. (PS- yes I'm going back- after Christmas for a whole month. Nando's and Krispy Kreme await me!!)

"I exist in two places- here, and where you are"


Being long distance with your partner means compromise, working with wacky time zone differences, never giving up, supporting each other from thousands of miles away, growing together, and mostly- feeling at home in two places. Always your girl Joe x