St. John's Boudoir Photographers // Ladies, Start Empowering Yourself

Today's topic is one very near and dear to my heart.

That's right, people- I'm talking about boudoir sessions

I know, I know, it's a scary word. Being stripped down, intimate, and raw in front of a camera is not something that sounds like a easy experience. 

Truth is, it's not. I can vouch for that. But we MAKE it easy. And my dear, the outcome is so, so worth it. 

When you are in the middle of your session and have the beautiful "aha!" moment... Where you just want to smile, and you feel a very literal, powerful wave of self love? That's when it's worth it. 

And, at the end of our process together, when your photos are revealed, and you see how brave, beautiful, and happy you look, you will finally see with your own eyes what radiance you have inside and out. 

Wether you are giving images from your session to your fiancé as a unique wedding gift, surprising a special someone on Valentine's Day, a birthday, or anniversary, or doing this as the PERFECT gift to yourself.. It will really empower you. It will make you feel a special kind of happiness like never before. 


Well, first of all, my amazing hair and makeup artist (NADIA ALI MAKEUP ARTISTRY) pampers you while you get to listen to music and snack on chocolate (yes)! It's like a mini spa day! She works with you to create look you are happy with, all the while chatting and easing you into your upcoming session. 

I rely on her to make my Boudoir Gals super laid back and comfortable before our shoot. She knocks it out of the park every time with her makeup application, hairstyle, and kindness. 

After the pampering is done, we help you decide on what outfits you want to wear!

 Because you brought in your outfits, accessories, and lingerie, we lay it all out and pick out your favourite combinations.

It's all about being comfortable, and feeling beautiful in your own skin.

Once you step in front of my lens, everything melts away as I gently guide you through posing, breathing exercises, and relaxation. This helps us capture natural moments and create the mood you want out of your session. 

We truly want every woman to feel amazing, and to have a wonderful experience with herself.

It's nerve wracking to open up to strangers, but we put you completely at ease. For the day, you are our top priority, and it's so humbling to nurture the souls of our ladies through what we do.

Interested in discussing your session? Email or contact me here

It's time to empower yourself. Let us help you!

XOX, Maddie