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Hello all you amazing wedded people-to-be!

I am SO excited to introduce my upcoming blog series: "FOR COUPLES!" This series will be dedicated to providing awesome tips and tricks to all of you who are planning your wedding, and want to make it as smooth, easy, and wicked fun as possible!

Today's post is all about the very first step on your wedding day... Getting Ready! It's such a wonderful opportunity to hang out with the ones you love, all the while having beautiful memories captured before the whirlwind of the day ahead!

Read on below to hear my tips on how to totally ROCK your getting ready photos, and stay tuned for the rest of the FOR COUPLES blog series!

1. Display Your Outfits Picture-Perfectly

Your wedding day attire is such a outright expression of who you are as people! Make sure your getups look as fabulous as they make you feel by ensuring your space will have a lovely doorway or window to hang them in, free of unnecessary clutter. Wooden or personalized hangers are also a small but important detail in making sure your gowns or tuxes look their best!

2. Have Your Details Ready To Go

Expressing your personality doesn't have to stop at clothes! Accessories, shoes, and other items you use to gussy yourself up also play a BIG role in portraying who you are through your photos.

By having your details all ready to go for when I arrive, it saves you so much stress in rushing to secure all your items! Save yourself the risk of forgetting one of your cherished details by putting them all in a shoebox before the wedding, and simply handing it off to me when I show up.

Lastly, don't be afraid to get creative! Take a look at Roger's details above- he even included his pomade and beloved fountain pen for me to photograph!

3. Give Gifts AFTER Your Photographer Arrives

I know that gift giving, especially to your amazing family and wedding party, is SO exciting! But. it's always great to hold off on gifting your special peeps until I get to your place the morning of. If I'm there, it means I'll be able to capture the memories, and photos of the presents you so thoughtfully curated!

4. Do A Fun "First Look" With Your Wedding Party

I'm sure you've heard of doing a first look with your partner before the ceremony, but have you heard of doing one with your wedding party?! It's a super cute trick we photographers like to set up to give you all an amazing memory AND get true emotional reactions from your friends and family! If not to make you cry, what else are we here for? ;)

Just look at Leslie's ladies below seeing her all dolled up in her gown for the first time! So sweet!

5. Get A Matching Item For Your Group To Rock

It's always SO GREAT when couples really think about their getting-ready squad! Matching outfits or gifts are so fun, and make for great photos to commemorate your morning team. From floral robes, to cool gentleman's socks, the options are endless. Worded t-shirts are also a favorite!

6. Let THOSE Emotions OUT!


It goes without saying that there are a lot of emotions running wild on a wedding day. Don't be afraid to let the love show! When people are open and let their joy (or happy tears!) shine for everyone to see, the connections I can capture for you are truly beautiful.

I hope you all enjoyed reading my top tips to ROCK your getting ready photos, and I can't wait to see how you make them your own for YOUR wedding day! Stay tuned for my next "FOR COUPLES" blog-

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