How To Rule Your Wedding Photos : FOR COUPLES #2

Hello all! I cannot believe that the 2017 wedding season is about to break wide open! With so many of your special days coming up soon, here's the next post in my FOR COUPLES Series, which is a chain of blog posts full of tips, tricks, and little secrets all with the purpose of helping you have the BEST DAY EVER.

After being inspired by the hundreds of wedding tip blogposts out there, I wanted to do up a little list for my own clients as well as other Newfoundland couples. So, I present to you : 

How To Rule Your Wedding Photos! 

(thank you to all the various blogs I've read over the years for the idea! There are too many to thank and reference so this is my universal note of appreciation, haha!)

The unknown can come with some anxiety or questions! So, read on and help me help you to have a fun experience, along with the beautiful wedding photographs of your dreams.

#1 : Plan a Little, Not Too Much 

A wedding is generally something that requires a lot of planning. In order to bring all the details together, it's easy to get used to making lists, thinking in advance, and planning some aspects out to the last detail! This is a totally natural and expected process!

When it comes to your photos however, leave it in the hands of the professional you've trusted! I speak extensively with my clients before their wedding day, and spend a lot of time getting to know them as a couple. My style is all about bringing out your personality and capturing the moments of your wedding as they naturally unfold, but I also request a couple lists to make sure we are on the same page. In addition to the Family Formals to be captured, I also ask for other details you want photos of (your Something Borrowed, a grandmother's wedding ring, etc).

Not too hot, not too cold, just right ;)

#2 : Consider an Unplugged Ceremony

At first impression, requesting an absence of phones, cameras, and photo-taking by guests during your ceremony may seem a bit harsh. Once you delve deeper though, it makes a lot of sense! 

Folks love taking a few photos for themselves, which is totally understandable in all the excitement! However, other people besides your hired professional taking photos during the wedding ceremony increases the of interference in your priceless images. With only instants to capture the huge key moments of your vows, your photographer needs space to move as needed without having to ask guests with phones to step away.

Besides, I think we can all agree on having your friends and family enjoy the ceremony and fully immerse themselves in this special moment with you; rather than viewing it from behind their screens. :) In no time at all, you'll have beautiful professional wedding photos to share with everyone! Below are a few ways to kindly use this on your own wedding day:


- Make or order a cute sign (see above!)

- Have your officiant announce it. They likely have a sweet and simple phrase to say that will gently let guests know of your wishes before the ceremony. 

- Put it on your programs!

#3 : Live & Love Fiercely 

This is the day you're committing yourself to love each other forever. That's no small feat, people!! With all the goings on it's a day of high emotions for sure, but instead of trying to keep up your composure I say let all the energy out! If you're feeling overjoyed, overcome, quiet, tearful... Just take a moment to experience all your feelings together. We can really make magic in your photographs when they tell a story of how you really felt that day. Trust in our time together and don't be afraid to just let loose, have fun, and allow your emotions to flow!

#4 : Bring Your Pets

We all know that your pets are the BEST. Especially at helping you relax and have fun! I'm a huge animal lover, so I'll never say no to you having your dog (cat, lizard, or what have you!) dropped off for some photographs! It also adds a personal touch and incorporates someone into your photos who's a huge part of your life! :) 

#5 : Love The Skin You're In 

Spray tanning is a really popular beauty routine for brides, and if done right always appears lovely and natural to the naked eye. :) Unfortunately it tends to show up much differently in photographs, potentially throwing your skin off. Consider opting to rock your natural tone! If tanning is your thing, that's great! Just make sure you get your glow from a trusted professional and everything will be a breeze. 

#6 : Above All, Trust

The day is here now! You've planned everything, and worked with many people for months (sometimes years!) to bring the details together. The only thing that's left to do now (and the only thing you can do so last minute!) is have some faith! Trust that everything has come together. Trust that the vendors you've hired will deliver on the work you love them for. Trust in the bond you and your partner share. It will be a beautiful wedding day that ultimately not only celebrates your love story, but all the people you invited to share in the happiness with you as well. <3

So, there it is folks!! I sincerely hope you loved these tips on How To Rule Your Wedding Photos and that they will be helpful for you on your special day! 

Stay tuned for the next post in the FOR COUPLES series, and I look forward to seeing some of these tips being implemented during the 2017 season!

Love, Maddie


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