maternity session

The Sexton's Famlily Session at Topsail Beach, Newfoundland // St. John's Family Photographers

A girl from Vancouver, a guy from South Africa, and their little boy who bridges the gap: living in Newfoundland and having so many adventures along the way.

Between travelling near full-time in their RV, being totally willing to explore Topsail Beach in their bare feet, and just being such beautiful souls, I knew I felt an instant connection to the Sexton family.

Huge thank you to this sweet trio for being so lovely and inspiring, and for trusting me to capture the bond you all share. Until we meet again. XO

Until we meet again! XO- Maddie

Krystal's Waterfall Maternity Photos in Flatrock // Newfoundland Maternity Photographers

A few weeks back, this beautiful momma to be and I went on a little adventure.

What resulted, is a connection that I was so lucky to capture. As the wind blew through Krystal's hair and we were enveloped by the roar of the saltwater ocean, I witnessed this woman have so much love for her child yet to come.