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5 Reasons To Have An Off-Season Wedding


SO, you’re engaged and planning your wedding, but have literally NO idea what you’re doing (spoiler alert :) -it’ll all be OK!).

You know you need to start with a venue before anything else, because in St. John’s, places book up QUICK. Everyone’s fighting for the same 5 month window of June-October dates.


What if there was a solution? One that wouldn’t leave you pressured, and struggling to make all your dream venue and dream vendors line up?

Ouuu, GIRL. Welcome to the magic of off-season weddings!! Insert sparkles and fairy dust here, LOL.

Off season weddings are like the old forgotten gift cards at the bottom of your wallet that actually have $50 on it. NAY- $100. Yep. That level of unexpected awesome.

As part one of a two-part series, I’m gonna talk with you today about FIVE REASONS to have an off-season wedding. Ya ready? Let’s gooo!




When you’re trying to do your photos at the city’s most popular spots in the summer… so are a hundred other people. Tourists, folks enjoying the sunshine, and other wedding groups alike. It can be so congested, causing your schedule to be thrown off and for you to feel rushed. Get married November-May… Poof! People Problem solved. You’ll have all your favourite, iconic spots most likely to yourself and can truly enjoy it.


No Crazy Competition

With weddings between June and the end of October, a lot of couples feel immense pressure to try and get all their dream vendors lined up on their date. I’ve had many couples disappointed because they couldn’t get their favourite venue they had in mind, or the decorator they admired for ages. I’ve had to turn away a lot of couples for the same dates every year too, and always feel so bad!

It’s because we live in a small place, and our “nice weather” season is ridiculously short. Side-step the competitive date pressures by choosing to have your wedding in the off-season. The weather risk pays off when you can book all the vendors you’ve been dreaming about since you put a ring on it, with ease.


Simple. Less Stress!

Summertime is CRAZY. You’re taking vacation from work, going on holidays, having relatives visit, and getting out much more when you’re not working to enjoy the weather and have some fun. Your wedding falling on top of all that is HARD, and in my experience has sometimes left my couples wanting it to all be over so they “can enjoy the summer already”.

That’s SAD, guys! Your wedding is a super important celebration of commitment (understatement!) and shouldn’t be something to be wished away. Get married in, say, March? You’ll only have to contest with St, Patrick’s Day and let’s be real, your wedding will be a better party anyway.


Laid back & Relaxed

This one goes out to all my wonderful couples out there with a touch of hippie soul who love staying in maybe even more than going out. My peeps who want a quiet, chill, relaxed day. There’s time for more coffee shop hangouts. Picnics. Chill drinks at a bar downtown. Slow and easy hikes for photos. City wandering. Food breaks. More of spending time with the ones you love. ACTUALLY enjoying your wedding. Heck yeah!

Take it from my bride Jeanie, who had a November 10th wedding full of quality time with her husband and family:


“We decided to have our wedding on our 10 year anniversary of being together, which happened to be in November. Having our wedding during the off-season turned out to be beneficial in many ways. We were able to secure all of our top vendor choices, and pulled our wedding together within a year of being engaged. On the day of, we were lucky enough to have two seasons within one day: Maddie took our photos amongst the fallen leaves at Government house, and then the most beautiful fluffy snow began to fall as we headed to Quidi Vidi. The fall/winter weather combination ended up being the perfect backdrop for our cozy ceremony and reception."


Unique weather,

Unique Photos

This is the one where I MAY have to do some convincing because bad weather seems (only seems!!) scary, but the photos speak for themselves. When you go all in, take the risk, AND have an adventurous heart to go out in whatever conditions you’re given, magic happens!!! I PROMISE. Because guess what? I got a trunk full of snow boots and rain gear, and I’m NOT afraid to use it.

Now that I’ve convinced you to have an off season wedding, stay tuned for Part 2 coming soon where I give you FIVE super useful tips to make it all go smoothly! Easy, Breezy, Beautiful, Covergirl. Or rather, Easy, Breezy, Beautiful, Baygirl?


Much love & light, xo