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Sarah + Garrett's Brigus Engagement Session // St. John's Photographers


When you come home for vacation from Yellowknife and it POURS RAIN SIDEWAYS on the day of your engagement shoot in Brigus, you try round 2 a few days later! 

Had such a gorgeous afternoon adventure with Sara and Garrett in July! We hung out with their fur-baby (check out her neck tie, ahhh!), explored the rocky beach by the sea, and visited some adorably classic spots around Brigus.

Can't wait for their wedding in Springdale next year! Congratulations S+G!

Amanda & Darrell's Woodsy Engagement Session // St. John's Wedding Photographers

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When you find out that the girl you like is actually single, you hold her close and don't let go. 

Amanda and Darrell got engaged over the holidays and their blended family will soon be official! Before the wedding planning begins however, they went on an adventure in the woods to the spot where their future home will be built. (How adorable is that by the way?!)

We trekked into the trees for a campfire (you know me- I wear hiking boots when I work so I'm always ready to go), staying cozy in a quilt Darrell's grandmother made and drinking hot chocolate. The kids soon joined us for a little skate, and I was definitely NOT jealous that a 7 year old is better on the ice than I am ;) 

Congratulations on your engagement Amanda & Darrell! Thanks so much for having me! xo

Caroline + Andrew's Boil-Up Engagement Session in Flatrock // St. John's Wedding Photographers

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When you're having a Newfoundland inspired wedding next year, you need the engagement session to match. 

Caroline and Andrew spend their mornings in the backwoods with their beagle Molly, so of course we had to venture out for a boil up and do just that. 

Bet you've never seen an engagement ring in a Jam-Jam before ;)

Congratulations to Caroline and Andrew, can't wait for your wedding next year where I can do the Newfie Stomp all I want and not be judged. LOL. 



Alicia + Ian's Fall Engagement Session in St. John's / Newfoundland Engagement Photographers

0001Blog Alicia Ian.jpg

As soon as we met, I knew Alicia and Ian were my kinda people, because they have  4 cats and have seen The Office *almost* as many times as me ;)

 Last weekend for their engagement session, we arrived to MUN botanical gardens only to realize it was closed for the Thanksgiving weekend. Did we let that stop us? Heck no! 

Alicia and Ian were totally down for a change of plans to adventure on forest trails, and it was the perfect backdrop for their beautiful relationship. The love and friendship these two share practically glows out of them like sunbeams. 

Congratulations Alicia and Ian! Can't wait for the wedding! 



Jess and Colin's Engagement Adventure on Bell Island // St. John's Engagement Photographers

Friends since the 7th grade who finally fell in love in university, leaving all their friends practically yelling "ABOUT TIME!" :)

Jessica and Colin are two incredible souls. las year, Colin tried to propose to his gal at their spot on Bell Island multiple times with no luck (rain, ferry broken down, etc)... So of course when they asked if I'd be down to journey the island with them for their engagement shoot, it was a resounding yes!!

They spent hours on a beautiful breezy day exploring the beaches and cliffs of Bell Island, ending the night off with a feed of fried chicken while waiting for the final ferry boat. What a day for these two lovebirds!! All my love J+C!

When we saw this puffin chair at the new Bell Island lookout, we knew we HAD to do some hilarious "grandparents on vacation" style shots!

Hanging out and admiring the crazy view wasn't a bad way to end off this adventure. :)

Can't wait for the wedding day! Maddie xx

Sarah & Drew : Rehearsal Barbecue // Lethbridge Wedding Photographers

On a clear Friday night in Lethbridge Newfoundland, the sunset lit the sky aflame in pink and gold. Sarah and Drew here gathered with their nearest and dearest for a rehearsal dinner unlike any other- think glowsticks, beers, barbecue, and pugs. What more could you ask for? Just hours away from these moments, S+D said their I Do's in this very spot- a cottage on the sea which has been in the groom's family for generations. 

I was invited by Sarah and Drew to attend their rehearsal dinner before photographing their wedding the next day, and it was my pleasure to enjoy the night with their bridal party and family, taking some photos along the way. :) Stay tuned for the wedding!!

Keira & DJ's Engagement Session at Middle Cove Beach, St. John's // Newfoundland Engagement Photographers

After meeting Keira and DJ at The Ultimate Bridal Show last winter, I knew that we would get along great! Before they say their I Do's at the beautiful Lester's Farm Chalet next year, we had a little Topsail Beach adventure. :) 

These two are madly in love and its clear when they so much as look at one another. 

Until next time!

XO, -M

St. John's Engagement Photographers // Sheila and Cory Engaged

This engagement was 12 years in the making!

From their first jive at Sundance to their first hot chocolate at Tim Horton's, Sheila and Cory were nuts for one another. 12 years later and here they are!

It was a pleasure to shoot with you both and I wish you so much love in your marriage!

Shelly and Scott's Blizzard Engagement Session || Newfoundland Engagement Photographers

Being a St. John's engagement photographer has so many perks. One of the amazing ones is when you meet clients like Shelly and Scott who are willing to go ahead with their session regardless of our crazy local weather... In Sunday's case, it was a blustering blizzard.

S&S met home in Ontario, and have lived here together for almost a year. They will be going back home one day, and wanted some Newfoundland engagement photos to commemorate their time here together, and the travels their love story has taken. 

All my love, Shelly and Scott! XO

We finished the day with some much needed brew from Coffee Matters. :)