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Your 3 months of waiting to know the HUGE SECRET I’ve been harbouring are finally over.


The LET’S DO THIS Podcast is your not so-secret weapon for small biz, wedding planning, inspiration, inclusivity, and a good dose of sunshine!

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Here’s what’s up…

Over the years as a wedding photographer I have become so humbled and fortunate to be a voice for joy, empowerment, inclusivity, realness in the wedding industry, and realness in LIFE.

Every day I still truly cannot believe you’re all out there listening and resonating with the messages I have to share.

After a life change in January, I was seeking something new to add to Maddie Mills Photo… a new road, a new journey, a new way of spreading sunshine to others.

After being a chicken for far too long, I finally decided to take the leap.


The LET’S DO THIS Podcast, a division of the Maddie Mills Photo you all know and love, is officially, official! It’s launched to the world today and I am so excited for us to take a new journey together. It has been killing me to wait this long… but I’d be lying if I said all the hyping wasn’t fun. ;)

Want to know the story behind the name? Read through and keep scrolling for the FIRST EPISODE!



With support from family and friends, in secret I have been brainstorming, planning, writing and recording episodes, doing guest interviews, making content, website building, and HYPE BEASTING since the end of January all in preparation for TODAY!

You’ve all been INCREDIBLY supportive without even knowing what I was up to! Many times I’ve had self doubt, and your excitement and encouragement pulled me through in a heartbeat every time.

I’ve been documenting the “SECRET PROJECT” pre-launch the whole way, and have compiled a video to share with you of the journey these last weeks.

After you watch, keep onnnn scrollin’ !!!

because I’ll be sharing the deets about where to find Let’s Do This on the internet and where to listen in (FIRST TWO EPISODES ARE ALREADY LIVE!!)


all the deets


With the brand new podcast comes a BRAND NEW, WELL, BRAND!

Maddie Mills Photo and Let’s Do This are both now accessible on my new front end home base at!!!

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Accessible on its own or via my home base above, The LET’S DO THIS Podcast has its own home on a NEW WEBSITE! (click <<< or

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Listen to the first two episodes NOW BELOW and subscribe on…


wowza. i’m freaking out people!!


It feels so insanely surreal that my baby is finally out into the world. I am grateful beyond words for your support, encouragement, cheerleading, and love. None of what I do would happen without you.

Stay tuned for a new episode EVERY THURSDAY, I am so excited to see where all this is going to go and to keep documenting your love stories with Maddie Mills Photo.

i love and adore you all.


Big shoutout to Nathan Eddy Photography for all his dedication and hard work creating my branding images for this special day! ❤️

Katherine + Dylan's Wedding at Marble Mountain // Newfoundland Wedding Photographer


On a September weekend in Steady Brook, Katherine and Dylan said I do surrounded by family, friends, sunshine, and a whole lotta love.

Their wedding was the perfect blend of relaxation, laughter, and little outdoor adventures that made for the best day ever. Such a sweet, laid back celebration that had everyone smiling ear to ear.

During their first look, I witnessed something pretty amazing. Katherine has a helicopter tattoo in memory of her dad, and at the moment the couple saw each other for the first time, a chopper flew overhead in the most beautifully serendipitous coincidence. Talk about a sign. <3

Congratulations to two of the warmest, most kind people! It was incredible to spend the weekend with you last summer!

Much love and light, xo - Maddie

5 Reasons To Have An Off-Season Wedding


SO, you’re engaged and planning your wedding, but have literally NO idea what you’re doing (spoiler alert :) -it’ll all be OK!).

You know you need to start with a venue before anything else, because in St. John’s, places book up QUICK. Everyone’s fighting for the same 5 month window of June-October dates.


What if there was a solution? One that wouldn’t leave you pressured, and struggling to make all your dream venue and dream vendors line up?

Ouuu, GIRL. Welcome to the magic of off-season weddings!! Insert sparkles and fairy dust here, LOL.

Off season weddings are like the old forgotten gift cards at the bottom of your wallet that actually have $50 on it. NAY- $100. Yep. That level of unexpected awesome.

As part one of a two-part series, I’m gonna talk with you today about FIVE REASONS to have an off-season wedding. Ya ready? Let’s gooo!




When you’re trying to do your photos at the city’s most popular spots in the summer… so are a hundred other people. Tourists, folks enjoying the sunshine, and other wedding groups alike. It can be so congested, causing your schedule to be thrown off and for you to feel rushed. Get married November-May… Poof! People Problem solved. You’ll have all your favourite, iconic spots most likely to yourself and can truly enjoy it.


No Crazy Competition

With weddings between June and the end of October, a lot of couples feel immense pressure to try and get all their dream vendors lined up on their date. I’ve had many couples disappointed because they couldn’t get their favourite venue they had in mind, or the decorator they admired for ages. I’ve had to turn away a lot of couples for the same dates every year too, and always feel so bad!

It’s because we live in a small place, and our “nice weather” season is ridiculously short. Side-step the competitive date pressures by choosing to have your wedding in the off-season. The weather risk pays off when you can book all the vendors you’ve been dreaming about since you put a ring on it, with ease.


Simple. Less Stress!

Summertime is CRAZY. You’re taking vacation from work, going on holidays, having relatives visit, and getting out much more when you’re not working to enjoy the weather and have some fun. Your wedding falling on top of all that is HARD, and in my experience has sometimes left my couples wanting it to all be over so they “can enjoy the summer already”.

That’s SAD, guys! Your wedding is a super important celebration of commitment (understatement!) and shouldn’t be something to be wished away. Get married in, say, March? You’ll only have to contest with St, Patrick’s Day and let’s be real, your wedding will be a better party anyway.


Laid back & Relaxed

This one goes out to all my wonderful couples out there with a touch of hippie soul who love staying in maybe even more than going out. My peeps who want a quiet, chill, relaxed day. There’s time for more coffee shop hangouts. Picnics. Chill drinks at a bar downtown. Slow and easy hikes for photos. City wandering. Food breaks. More of spending time with the ones you love. ACTUALLY enjoying your wedding. Heck yeah!

Take it from my bride Jeanie, who had a November 10th wedding full of quality time with her husband and family:


“We decided to have our wedding on our 10 year anniversary of being together, which happened to be in November. Having our wedding during the off-season turned out to be beneficial in many ways. We were able to secure all of our top vendor choices, and pulled our wedding together within a year of being engaged. On the day of, we were lucky enough to have two seasons within one day: Maddie took our photos amongst the fallen leaves at Government house, and then the most beautiful fluffy snow began to fall as we headed to Quidi Vidi. The fall/winter weather combination ended up being the perfect backdrop for our cozy ceremony and reception."


Unique weather,

Unique Photos

This is the one where I MAY have to do some convincing because bad weather seems (only seems!!) scary, but the photos speak for themselves. When you go all in, take the risk, AND have an adventurous heart to go out in whatever conditions you’re given, magic happens!!! I PROMISE. Because guess what? I got a trunk full of snow boots and rain gear, and I’m NOT afraid to use it.

Now that I’ve convinced you to have an off season wedding, stay tuned for Part 2 coming soon where I give you FIVE super useful tips to make it all go smoothly! Easy, Breezy, Beautiful, Covergirl. Or rather, Easy, Breezy, Beautiful, Baygirl?


Much love & light, xo


Stephanie + Mark's Wedding at Glendenning // St. John's Newfoundland Wedding Photographer


In September, Stephanie and Mark got married on a gorgeous sunny day that blended two worlds- Witless Bay and St. John’s ;)

The day began with everyone getting ready in homes overlooking the ocean, followed by a stunning ceremony at Our Lady Star Of The Sea. It was so serene inside the church as the sun streamed through the windows, and everyone was totally soaking up all the love.

We then adventured around Witless Bay for photos, never straying far from the water like the true Newfoundlanders we are… hanging out with the most hilarious bridal party EVER and making magic. As evening hit, we rolled into St. John’s to Quidi Vidi Brewery (thanks for having us!) for beer and a LOT of laughs!

Later that evening, Steph and Mark had a little moment to themselves among the dories on the dock as the sun set. They were at peace, totally themselves, and lost in each other for a while. Always the best little magical nugget of the wedding day. <3

To start the night of celebrations, we then arrived at one of my FAVOURITE venues- Glendenning! The room was softly lit in pinks and gold, making for a wonderful dinner before the dancing and TRUE craziness kicked off!

Thank you SO MUCH Stephanie & Mark for inviting me along to capture what was definitely one of the wildest, most hilarious and fun wedding days I’ve ever experienced! Congratulations again, all my love, and cheers to your first new year as a married couple!

XO- Maddie



Venue: GlenDenning Golf Club Decorator: Event 3Sixty

Cake/Sweets: Pam Picco's Speciality Cakes and Sweets

Rings: Diamond Design NL Hair: NuImage Design Studio

Makeup: Danielle Michelle Makeup Artistry

Dress: Ever After Bridal Boutique


Recommended Vendor List


Hey hey Maddie Mills Photo Family!

Planning your wedding can be super stressful if you don’t have a solid team to support you. One of the MOST common questions I get during coffee meetings with my new couples and in emails is, “who do you recommend for…” or “there’s so many vendors out there that I don’t know where to start!”.

I want to help change that today by sharing some of my MOST recommended St. John’s wedding vendors who are passionate, super talented, professional, and trustworthy.

Most importantly, they are vendors who’s values align with mine in terms of inclusion, the way they run their business, and the way they treat their couples. MY couples. You! <3

A note I want to stress to my amazing fellow vendors:

If you don’t see yourself on this list, please don’t be insulted! We are lucky to have a WEALTH of great vendors in this province and therefore it would be absolutely impossible to list and recall everyone. I’m sharing names as a starting point for research of some people who I’ve worked with directly and frequently over the last few years. I encourage everyone to research all vendors far and wide and ultimately make the best choices for them!


VENUES - In House Catering

  • Yellowbelly Brewery (downtown, moody, romantic)

  • Rocket Room at Rocket Bakery (downtown, intimate, casual)

  • Manuel's River Interpretation Centre (Indoor/Outdoor, bright, casual)

  • Baly Haly Golf Club (clean & classic, intimate)

  • Glendenning Golf Club (indoor/outdoor, glamorous, classic)

  • The Wilds Golf Resort (indoor/outdoor, contemporary, getaway)

  • The Doctor’s House (indoor/outdoor, rustic, historic, getaway)


  • Lacy Rose Design (nature-oriented, romantic, blends modern/classic)

  • By Sharpe Design (nature-oriented, romantic, classic

  • Event3Sixty (glamorous, nature-oriented, romantic)

  • Live Wire Events (punchy, modern, fun)

  • Exquisite Events (glamorous, modern, fun)

  • Spotlight Events (glamorous, glitz/glitter, romantic)

  • Celtic Knot Wedding Decor (classic, traditional, clean)


  • By Sharpe Design

  • Event3Sixty

  • Lacy Rose Design

  • Flower Studio


  • Nadia Ali Makeup Artistry

  • Emily Pittman

  • Color Me Bronze

  • Allison Best Makeup Artistry

  • April Pink


  • Nadia Ali Makeup Artistry

  • Tara Tobin Hair

  • Charles Langdon

  • Mobile Hair by Allison


  • Borrowed & Blu

  • Joyful Events


  • Taste of Class

  • Coffee Matters

  • Rocket Bakery


  • Musicmen Entertainment and DJ Services

  • JLS - Jordan Light & Sound

  • Skinner’s DJ and VJ

  • MultiMaxx Music


  • Craig Murphy

  • Colleen Butler

  • Jane Morgan


  • Classic Carriage (Vintage Vehicle Rental)


  • Devin Sooley DS-Media

  • WPA Films

  • Tin Bird Productions

  • Media Magic Video

  • King’s Videography


  • Ever After Bridal Boutique

  • The Ivory Suite

  • The Bridal Salon

  • Midnight Tailors - Custom Tailoring, Bowties, Suspenders, Etc.

  • Rodney Philpott - Custom Gown Designer

  • RW&Co (This is a chain, but wonderful nonetheless for unique, mismatched formalwear)


  • Petite Sweet

  • Rocket Bakery

  • Wedding Cakes By Megan


I highly recommend all these amazing local vendors for your big day! Just like photography styles vary, so do those of other elements such as floral, decor, and makeup. Get to know these wonderful folks and choose a style that best suits what you’re looking for!



I truly believe that life is an endless collection of little things which will enchant you if you have the power to see.

I was SO blessed in 2018 to continue to spend my days looking for and forever documenting the everyday magic in your lives, so today I’ve gathered up some of my absolute favourite moments- both simple and special- from 2018 weddings to share.

From first looks, lets-make-this-last-forever embraces, first married kisses, proud parents shedding a tear, grandmas beaming at the dinner table, and every little thing in between: here are the best and most beautiful moments I got to witness and capture last year.

THANK YOU for sharing your hearts and souls with me and inviting me to do the same. Here’s to you, to 2019, and all the everyday magic that awaits us. xoxo


Erin + Chris's Wedding at Glendenning in St. John's // Newfoundland Wedding Photographer


ERIN AND CHRIS GOT HITCHED!! October 6th was the BEST day with these guys!

We laughed until our faces hurt and went on lots of little Newfoundland adventures for these Ontario-dwelling peeps who came home to say I do.

Erin and Chris have the sweetest love and spend so much time smiling and joking that it's easy to see they are meant for one another.

Thank you both for being just as crazy and fun loving as I am, it was an honour to document your amazing day!!


-George Street United Church - GlenDenning Golf Club -

Kristýna Adamová Event 3Sixty - Pam Picco's Speciality Cakes and Sweets

Devin Sooley DS-Media Photo & Video

Diamond Design NL - Emily Pittman Makeup


Chris and I had Maddie for our wedding photography and let me tell you it was the best decision! We LOVED our photos. She made us feel comfortable when we were both feeling awkward and rolled with our crazy ways making sure we kept the party vibe the whole day. Maddie was under tables, behind chairs, on top of things you name it, just to get the perfect shots! We love you Maddie thanks for the BEST day!!

Caitlin + Adam's Wedding at Yellowbelly // St. John's Newfoundland Wedding Photographer


On September 15th, Caitlin and Adam said a huge yes to their biggest adventure yet and it was so clear that spending their lives together was meant to be.

You could feel the love shining in their eyes, feel it in their words vowing forever, and in their embraces lit up by the glorious evening light in Quidi Vidi.

They wed and celebrated at Yellowbelly, danced in the golden sunset overlooking the ocean, got totally whipped by the wind all day with their best friends, and also had literally the best wedding reception game EVER (scavenger hunt musical chairs!!)

Congratulations to the brand new Mr & Mrs Warren! These guys have such kind hearts and I’m super blessed to have met them and spent their magical day together. All the love to you Adam and Cait- thank you SO much for having me there to capture it all!

Yellowbelly Brewery || Event 3Sixty

Craig Murphy - Ceremonies and Celebrations

The Musicmen Entertainment & DJ Services

Classic Carriage || The Signature Salon || The Ivory Suite Bridal Boutique

Dana + Ben's Wedding at The Wilds // Newfoundland Wedding Photographer


Dana and Ben got married at The Wilds this fall and their wedding was the perfect mix of classy and laid back!

The day started with getting ready and hanging out with their hilarious bridal parties, a gift exchange (Ben got tickets to see the Leafs and his reaction below is the BEST!), and an intimate first look by the river- where they both cried and embraced so beautifully to the sound of the river gurgling by and the breeze blowing in the trees.

After a little photo adventure, they said their handwritten vows and did a Celtic knot tying ceremony to make things official.

The rest of the afternoon was spent with their families and bridal party, before stealing away back to the river for a few sweet photos in the warm evening light before partying the night away!!

Thank you so much for having me along to capture your day Dana and Ben, it was an amazing way to start the next chapter of your life together and I wish you both all the happiness in the world!

The Wilds at Salmonier River Golf Club || Assistant Nathan Eddy

Officiant: Craig Murphy || Florist: By Sharpe Design

Decorator: Spotlight Events - Wedding Planning & Event Design Cake/Sweets: Colorful Creations || Video: DS-Media Photo & Video

Hair: Mobile Hair by Allison || Makeup: The Pretty Room

Dress - Ever After Bridal Boutique Alterations - Rodney Philpott