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Farewell Fixed


I wanted to take a moment today, one small business to another, to highlight and appreciate Fixed Coffee & Baking which has its last day tomorrow after 7 years of being a cornerstone of culture in Downtown St. John’s.

As sad as it felt, myself and Nathan Eddy Photography knew we had to go down today to show our support. We ordered their delicious hot chocolate, ate INSANE bagel sandwiches, and took photos of every nook and cranny to commemorate this treasure.

As a wedding photographer, I am very used to the feeling and honour of documenting someone’s once in a lifetime moments on their big day, but it was a really surreal feeling documenting Fixed and knowing that in just over 24 hours it would be left for us to cherish in our memories. It was a reminder of one of the reasons photography is my passion- helping people around me carry places, experiences, and memories into their future. Helping us immortalize what’s important. It was also a reminder that this is the reality for far too many local businesses in downtown St. John’s.

We have a vibrant city HEAVY with locally owned businesses, makers & crafters, small shops, and entrepreneurs. We have a history as a people of being self sustaining and ingenious in the face of adversity- because we had to be. We continue to be. We have an inordinate amount of entrepreneurs, self employed people, and local business compared to our small population.

St. John’s would be NOTHING without our downtown core. It houses nearly all our locally owned specialty businesses and shops. It teems with local restaurants, music, and culture that draw people here. Without downtown St. John’s, tourism as we know it (which sustains ALL of us, not just entrepreneurs) wouldn’t exist. It’s the the heart of our city.

I know I speak for so many when I say that Fixed is an incredibly special place with a lot of warmth, safety, and talent, where everyone could go to work, connect, and enjoy their time.

Please take the initiative to support our local small businesses. Go out of your way to do so, even when parking or driving downtown is the less convenient option. Share people’s posts and be their online cheerleaders. When you support a local business and local services, you are literally putting food on people’s table, helping us directly pay our bills and live our life just like you’re doing too. Instead of sitting behind a big CEO chair we do a happy dance and thank the universe for our dream. We thank YOU for our dream.

Farewell Fixed, hope to see you again someday.