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5 Tips for an Authentic & Joyful Wedding Day


There is no sugarcoating that wedding planning can be stressful. You’re putting an insane amount of time, energy, and resources into planning an awesome love celebration and sometimes it can’t help but be exhausting!

At the end of the day though, it’s like I always say to my couples: if you’re not going to have fun on your wedding day, then what’s the point?

Why stress yourself out for months, sometimes years, only to have planned a wedding that is too big of a production where you’re exhausted, uncomfortable, and don’t even get to spend time with your guests?

This post isn’t about comparing doing your wedding one way or another! I’m here today to chat about how you can get the most enjoyment, fun, and value from your special day: no matter how you decide to plan it :)


Tip #1

An easy but IMPORTANT one to start you off.


Many people tend to quell their emotions or are uncomfortable expressing them (which is totally understandable!), however your wedding is a special day where you’re going to be FEELING ALL THE THINGS! Allow yourself to laugh, cry, express your joy, and you will be liberated and totally open to soaking up all the goodness around you. I’m a major advocate for having an open heart so I can’t stress this enough- plus it will help me create incredible photographs for you when you share your happiness with me.

Tip #2

Look at your planned structure for the day and be honest with yourself if it’s what you really want.

There’s no right answer to how to structure a wedding- what’s right for you is right for you. Regardless of how you’ve imagined it, talk through the ideas and potential plans to see if you can imagine enjoying the way the wedding will unfold! You may be more prone to stress, just prefer a more chill day, or you may thrive off a party and want something as fun-packed as possible! Ignore judgements and negative opinions, because the most important thing is to know yourself and your partner, and to make plans that are right for you both. I’ll be there right by your side to document everything no matter how it goes :)

0001kat chris surprise.jpg

Tip #3

REGARDLESS of your plans, always allot more time for things than you think you’ll need!

I can PROMISE YOU: the structure of your plans DO NOT MATTER when it comes to the need to enjoy yourself and breathe. :) I’ve photographed over 60 weddings and no one likes to spend all day rushing around like crazy to do everything! Give yourself a bit of leeway in the schedule for bathroom breaks, food stops, traffic, and general delays. Schedules are important to keep your day flowing, but it will help you SO much to know it isn’t super-strictly timed down to the wire.

Tip #4

Make a point to enjoy the company of your family and guests!

Forgetting this IS THE #1 THING I’ve heard couples regret after the wedding! With all the goings-on, you may hardly get to talk to everyone you invited… and then your dance starts and you’re all in party mode!

The adventures I’m photographing on your day are of course super important to get those priceless memories, but there’s numerous ways you can spend time with people that fits right in. Set aside time for a little get together mid day, or have a cocktail hour before dinner. You could even do a casual, cocktail-style reception if that’s what you dig! From experience, I can tell you that my couples taking a bit of time with their guests somewhere really enriched their day- and you’ll get some truly beautiful candid photos of you enjoying time with your loved ones :)


TIP #5

This day is for you and your partner to celebrate your commitment. Take time to appreciate that together.

Like I said in Tip #4, your wedding is an amazing opportunity to spend time with everyone you love and that remains important! BUT. It’s totally, 100% okay to not be at the centre of everything all day. Just take a breather for a minute and do a bit of nothing if you need it.

Go have a drink together, take a walk for a bit, drive your own vehicle so you can be with one another, or even have a quiet few moments together in a side room before entering your party. There’s limitless ways to stop, soak it all in, and appreciate your commitment amongst all the activities of the wedding. You’ll thank yourself for taking a quiet, grounding moment together to remember how far you’ve come and to appreciate the day.


Take these tips and go forth to plan the wedding of your dreams!! Keep love, gratitude, and an open heart at the centre of it all. You got this, and I cannot WAIT to be along for the ride documenting all your happy adventures! LETS DO THIS!


GUEST POST : Why You Need A Wedding Planner with Emilee of Life's Sweet Events


Hey hey everyone! 

Hope you've all been doing swimmingly since we last spoke :) Today I'm SO excited to announce that as part of my commitment to helping you have the BEST, most relaxed and totally-you wedding day ever, I'll be partnering up with some of my favourite wedding vendors to chat about different elements of planning your celebration, and how they can help you along the way!

The first guest post is by Emilee, a local planner and owner of Life' Sweet Events! As a wedding coordinator and human, this gal is so amazing all around, and really has a lot of passion about what she does (which is helping couples be able to ACTUALLY experience their wedding day with no stress!)

She's going to chat with you about the benefits of having a wedding planner by your side, and answer some of your burning questions below! As a photographer, I can't tell you how truly valuable it's been to have a wedding planner there as part of my couples' wedding days. They help my couples stay relaxed, organized, and actually excited about planning their wedding! Take it away, Emilee! 


Picture yourself on your wedding day, sitting in the makeup chair surrounded by your maids as your mom giggles over the sweet note your darling has just sent. As the photographer is snapping photos, you’re sipping a mimosa and enjoying this moment to the fullest. 

This sense of being relaxed and experiencing all the excitement is something you’ve been waiting for since the day you said “Yes” and put that ring on your finger!

This is how our clients spend their wedding day. 

How, you might ask? As a wedding planner, I take the stress, organization, and the coordination off your plate so you can be a part of your wedding day. After all, you are the couple of the hour!  

So, how does a wedding planner make your day easier? 

Well, it starts when you begin your wedding planning! Since we are organized people by nature, we keep our clients organized too. We keep you on a planning schedule, making decisions, and booking vendors as you go to help to create a plan that not only suits your needs but keeps you from feeling overwhelmed and stressed. 

While we keep the details of your day straight, we also handle the coordination of your vendors, answering questions, and scheduling their drop offs/set ups so you don’t have to worry about the little details, which keeps your wedding day stress free. 

Now you might be thinking, “while I’m drinking those mimosas and hanging with my beauty team, who will pick up the lunch trays and the bouquets? Who takes the phone calls as the vendors set up?”. You’ll be glad to know that a wedding planner and coordinator also takes care of that! We are the wedding day point of contact, and your gal the day before, too! 

So, while Maddie is snapping those photos of your momma putting on your veil, you won’t have 25 notifications dinging on your phone or five people running errands! 

But how can I afford a wedding planner?”

Well, it’s fairly simple! We help you make your budget so that you can stick to it, discussing the individual day of details that are most important to you, and we help you find great vendors that fit within the budget that we’ve already created. We can also help you avoid costly last minute changes or DIYs, because you’ve planned ahead. 

We offer our professional advice and experience to help you make the most of your wedding budget, and some of our clients say that we pay for ourselves in the stress we save you on your big day!

Our goal as wedding planners is to allow you to experience your day, make memories all day long, and save you money! 

So. Experience your wedding!! Let your wedding planner take over the tedious details, act as your point of contact, and free you up to relax enjoy every moment.

Have fun!! After all, this is your celebration, right?

Emilee Marsh, Life's Sweet Events

Instagram @lifessweetevents




So, you're struggling with your wedding timeline? 
Welcome to the club.

If there's a one thing that I get asked by each and every couple, it's "HOW do I make a wedding timeline?" Even more than that, I get so many couples absolutely AGONIZING over whether or not to do a First Look for their wedding day, due to a number of factors and worries I'll address below.

 Worry no more people, I'm here to help conquer these First Look and timeline blues with the next instalment in my FOR COUPLES Blog Series!

When trying to dream up your ideal wedding timeline, it may feel a little like you want to claw your eyes out, but this blog post will hopefully give you some insight into the direction you'll choose. :) 



Being a photographer who loves untraditional, unique, adventurous weddings, first looks are close to my heart. 

If you haven't heard of this or don't fully understand the details, it's pretty simple! :) Instead of seeing each other for the first time at the ceremony, you arrange to see each other before the vows and take a moment to yourselves before the whirlwind of the wedding day ahead.

First, we put one of you facing away from the other at a location of your choice.

sometimes it's as intimate as taking place in your own home-

0003janelle marc first look.jpg

other times it's with a sweeping landscape in the background!

After taking a pause to soak in the anticipation that's KILLING you, you finally get to face each other, see how amazing your Other Half looks, and embrace :)


There are a couple different ways you can incorporate a first look into your wedding day! Have a look at this comparison below to see two ways it can fit in while still having a timeline that suits your tastes. 

TYPE 1 puts ALL your photos on the wedding day before the ceremony and reception, leaving absolutely no break in between.

TYPE 2 is my favourite because it's a great balance of a modern and traditional timeline. You still have some photos after the ceremony, but the break isn't as long.


Doing a first look is such an amazing chance to...

- help erase your pre-ceremony nerves

- have a moment alone together before being around a huge crowd the rest of the day

- explore a SUPER cool location for some photos that may be impractical to visit with a traditional wedding timeline


I know what's on your mind. Here are some reasons why you may be nervous about doing a first look (and why you can toss those worries aside)!!

- You may be worried about or already dealing with opinions regarding doing your wedding this way. You need to do you and that means the way your wedding day flows too. The people who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind. :) 

-You're worried that your better half won't have as good as a reaction as you walk down the aisle. can guarantee you their reaction to you will be one full of love! Even if they have already seen how incredible you look, nothing compares to the feeling they'll have when you walk towards them just seconds before your vows.


In the end, this special day is to celebrate the love you and your spouse share. Throw away your ideas of what "should be" and don't be afraid to make your dreams happen.  First looks aren't for everyone, but if it's something you've been considering I hope this blog post gave you some insight into the beautiful world of this unique and modern wedding tradition! 

Until next time! xx Maddie  

6 Ways To Rule Your Getting Ready Photos // Newfoundland Wedding Photographer


Hello all you amazing wedded people-to-be!

I am SO excited to introduce my upcoming blog series: "FOR COUPLES!" This series will be dedicated to providing awesome tips and tricks to all of you who are planning your wedding, and want to make it as smooth, easy, and wicked fun as possible!

Today's post is all about the very first step on your wedding day... Getting Ready! It's such a wonderful opportunity to hang out with the ones you love, all the while having beautiful memories captured before the whirlwind of the day ahead!

Read on below to hear my tips on how to totally ROCK your getting ready photos, and stay tuned for the rest of the FOR COUPLES blog series!

1. Display Your Outfits Picture-Perfectly

Your wedding day attire is such a outright expression of who you are as people! Make sure your getups look as fabulous as they make you feel by ensuring your space will have a lovely doorway or window to hang them in, free of unnecessary clutter. Wooden or personalized hangers are also a small but important detail in making sure your gowns or tuxes look their best!

2. Have Your Details Ready To Go

Expressing your personality doesn't have to stop at clothes! Accessories, shoes, and other items you use to gussy yourself up also play a BIG role in portraying who you are through your photos.

By having your details all ready to go for when I arrive, it saves you so much stress in rushing to secure all your items! Save yourself the risk of forgetting one of your cherished details by putting them all in a shoebox before the wedding, and simply handing it off to me when I show up.

Lastly, don't be afraid to get creative! Take a look at Roger's details above- he even included his pomade and beloved fountain pen for me to photograph!

3. Give Gifts AFTER Your Photographer Arrives

I know that gift giving, especially to your amazing family and wedding party, is SO exciting! But. it's always great to hold off on gifting your special peeps until I get to your place the morning of. If I'm there, it means I'll be able to capture the memories, and photos of the presents you so thoughtfully curated!

4. Do A Fun "First Look" With Your Wedding Party

I'm sure you've heard of doing a first look with your partner before the ceremony, but have you heard of doing one with your wedding party?! It's a super cute trick we photographers like to set up to give you all an amazing memory AND get true emotional reactions from your friends and family! If not to make you cry, what else are we here for? ;)

Just look at Leslie's ladies below seeing her all dolled up in her gown for the first time! So sweet!

5. Get A Matching Item For Your Group To Rock

It's always SO GREAT when couples really think about their getting-ready squad! Matching outfits or gifts are so fun, and make for great photos to commemorate your morning team. From floral robes, to cool gentleman's socks, the options are endless. Worded t-shirts are also a favorite!

6. Let THOSE Emotions OUT!


It goes without saying that there are a lot of emotions running wild on a wedding day. Don't be afraid to let the love show! When people are open and let their joy (or happy tears!) shine for everyone to see, the connections I can capture for you are truly beautiful.

I hope you all enjoyed reading my top tips to ROCK your getting ready photos, and I can't wait to see how you make them your own for YOUR wedding day! Stay tuned for my next "FOR COUPLES" blog-

Top Ways To Kill At Your Wedding Portraits !!

Thanks for stopping by- until next time!! XO : Maddie