Tanya & Owen's Engagement Session in St. John's// Newfoundland Engagement Photographers

But I would walk five hundred miles
And I would walk five hundred more
Just to be the man who walked a thousand miles
To fall down at your door.

Tanya and Owen are perhaps the most stylish and classy pair I've ever had for an engagement shoot! Between their flair for fashion, their cheerfulness, and stunning bouquet from Polished Bouquet Design... WOW!


Tanya and Owen attended High School together in China over 10 years ago. In that time, Tanya came all the way here to Newfoundland, attending university. She also maintained a very LONG, long distance relationship with her guy... and finally, after 10 years, they are together for good. While an official wedding date is not in the books yet, they wanted some super stylish images to celebrate their engagement and commitment to each other!

Polished Bouquet Design created these gorgeous blooms!

With these puchy lace-up heels and a dress from ASOS, the bride to be knows a thing or two on how to work it ;)

The water here reminds me of the scenes in Mamma Mia... Elopement in Greece, anyone? ;)

Thank you, Tanya and Owen, for letting me into this special time in your life and allowing me to preserve your memories! :)

XO - Maddie

This Is The ONE Wedding Item You Need // St. John's Wedding Photographers

So, it's your wedding day, and you've invested a lot into your photographer. The person who is responsible for capturing this once in a lifetime day, and preserving it forever. When everybody has resumed their usual routine, the only thing you will have to remember your wedding over time are the photographs that we lovingly craft for you. 

As this time passes, things change. It's an ever-evolving world out there, and technology simply cannot be relied on anymore as the sole method of  your wedding photos' safekeeping. This is where I come in. 

I am committed to delivering beautiful, high quality, professionally crafted products to each and every client. These albums are an example of the amazing tangible products you can have to compliment your wedding package. 

I had amazing compliments on this beauty at The Ultimate Bridal Show so I wanted to put together a post for everyone to learn more about the album and its customization options!

The album has a beautiful embossing feature which can be customized with text and words, such as your names or wedding date.


The photos are professionally printed directly onto thick, heirloom quality photographic paper pages.

A unique feature of these wedding albums is LayFlat nature of the pages. The spread lays completely flat, and does not interrupt the flow of the image as it is largely displayed across two pages.

Pages can be customized to include collages that tell a story.

If you have a favourite colour, or one that you pick from the theme of your wedding, you can incorporate that into your album by choosing one of the cover options below. There is a huge variety of linen, satin, leather, and specialty papers to decide on.

One of my favourite things about these albums is this ADORABLE little "sexy legs" endpaper option, where you can add a extra special touch to your boudoir books. 

These albums are a huge hit with couples, because they are a tangible, beautiful way to showcase the investment you make into your wedding photos. Don't haul out your laptop when your aunties come to visit.. just take this work of art from the coffee table and watch everyone fawn over how adorable you guys are in your photos. ;)

I offer these products as exciting add-ons to my packages, and they can be attained at with the special discount I offer my couples. :)

Happy Friday!! TGIF!

XO, Maddie