why hello there

I'm Maddie- a free spirited, super dorky, die-hard Newfoundland girl who loves laughing my way through life! I believe love is love- you are welcome here. My obsessions lie in The Office, Star Wars, Harry Potter, food (especially goat cheese- I put that stuff on everything), and my cat Petunia. Basically a nan, but a cool nan who will take epic photos for you.

My photography is always real, often hilarious, and all about super beautiful love and emotion. I'll help you have a blast and be comfortable in front of the camera, to let your true personalities and unique relationship shine through! Since having your connection captured should actually be fun and make you feel 100% alive, there's nothing I won't do or any adventure I won't go on to make sure that happens. Seriously, I stood waist deep in the water taking photos of a couple in a boat once, I'm ALWAYS ready to rumble.

If you're adventurous, fun loving, madly adore your partner, and aren't afraid to be silly, you are my soul people and I want to meet you! (Also, if you share any of my interests, especially The Office, please tell me in your email so we can gush together)