The Photographer

Hello hello! My name is Maddie and I'm super pumped that you're here! 

Being so free spirited (super dorky) and a die-hard Newfoundland girl, I'm happiest when I'm in a boat, or on the road to somewhere. I'm usually found working in big cardigans and fluffy socks, while fending off playful kitty attacks from my crazy little Petunia! I still believe in the kinda love that lights your soul on fire, and dedicate my life to capturing it.

I LOVE: The Office (notice my mug in my head shot?) , food, my cat Petunia, and the ocean!!

I HATE: vegetables, wasps (YIKES), and abrupt endings to movies! 


My photography is REAL. Raw, unfiltered, and all about super-beautiful love and emotion. Your life deserves to be captured, especially in a way that tells the true story. No awkward & fake posing here, people!

I take a documentary style approach to photography, stepping in when you need a helping hand, but also knowing when to step back to allow the real beauty of your love to unfold. I also firmly believe that having your connection captured should be truly FUN, and there's nothing I won't do or any adventure I won't go on with you to make sure that happens (seriously, I wear Blundstones to shoot weddings, I'm ALWAYS ready to rumble). 

(PS- All are welcome here, love is love! I am an inclusive/LGBT+ friendly business!)