why hello there!

I’m Maddie, and I’ve dedicated my life to helping silly, adventurous, madly in love people forever remember the happiest days of their lives. People like you!

I’m equal parts crazy cat mom, cool dork, total grandma, and silly spirit who believes in the kinda love that sets your soul on fire.

You’ll quickly come to learn that The Office is MY FAVOURITE THING- and I’m so obsessed with food I’ll talk your ear off about that, too! Being super outdoorsy (I go car camping in my Subaru in the rain, whoops!) also means I’m ready for any adventure- I’ve worn hiking boots for wedding photos more than I can count!!

Choosing me for your special day also means I’m going to be so much more than just your photographer: I’ll be your BFF and honorary bridesmaid, because I truly care about my couples and give a huge piece of my heart to everyone I photograph.

I welcome all humans with open arms and am a inclusive and LGBT+ safe wedding vendor.

Ready for a beautiful adventure and lots of laughs? #letsdothis

you’re my kinda couple if…


You’re madly in love and SO excited to document your connection.

You’re adventurous, silly, laughter-loving humans with open hearts.

You’re having a more non-traditional wedding that’s unique to you.

You also believe that booking photography for your wedding is so much more than a price tag.

While the investment is a factor, it’s crucial that we go together like PB & J (Pam Beesly & Jim for my Office lovers out there).

Since I’ll be documenting your most intimate, beautiful, and often hilariously crazy moments, it’s super important that we get along great and can share our hearts!

The simple, magical beauty of life is there and ready to amaze you if you know how to look for it, and I will be those eyes for you.







Kat + Chris

"We were on our way back from a camping trip in the bus (so fitting) when we got your email with our final gallery. We parked by a marina and sat at a picnic table under a tree to check our photos out. We were blown away. First of all we were surprised by not only how quickly you got them to us but also by how many there were! The photos are stunning. They brought back so many amazing memories and you can see the love on our faces. They are everything we wanted and so much more. You are very talented at what you do and we are beyond happy that we had you as our photographer. We laughed and got choked up and had a few moments of 'damn, we look good' haha. We can't thank you enough."


Allison + Ray

So if you haven't already gotten in touch with Maddie , it's time to do so!! She is the most fun, sweet, kind, down to earth person I have ever met!! We chose a package that Included our engagement session as well as a second additional shoot, which we used for a maternity session. We became so comfortable with her over the last 2 years and when she arrived in our hometown for the wedding it was as if another family member had just arrived! She is so skilled, professional and efficient! I still have family members commenting on her personality and her work! She will do whatever it takes to get the perfect shot and has not let us down yet! Go book with her, just do it!


Jess + Colin

Where do you start with Maddie? She’s literally, hands down, the most amazing human. She just MAKES your wedding day. She brings a sense calm and order, but somehow also fun and excitement when she’s around. My mom was an entire ball of stress leading up to the wedding, and the minute Maddie started doing her thing my mom’s stress just diminished. My mom was finally able to start enjoying things when Maddie walked in. If I can give any advice for couples who want someone to truly make you feel comfortable, hire Maddie right now. She will make a potato feel like a diamond because of how genuine she is. I truly feel like I made a friend while getting to know her. I cannot sing her praises enough. Just hire her.






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You deserve the absolute best. It’s truly important that we are a great fit, so I choose my wonderful couples just as much as they choose me.

If you've got a zest for life, love each other fiercely, and can't wait for adventures (and to gush about our mutual/different obsessions with me), I’m so excited to chat with you about your day!