Love is love. Maddie Mills Photo is an inclusive and LGBT+ safe place.

why hello there

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I'm Maddie- a free spirited gal obsessed with The Office, Star Wars, and my cat Petunia. A few years ago when I began my photography journey, it was pretty simple- I loved taking photos of people and that was that. Over time, photographing love stories has become a passion that runs so deeply in me that it hurts to even think of my life without it.

As Micheal Scott from "The Office" says, "business is about people"- and truer words have never been spoken. I give a huge piece of my heart to everyone I’m lucky enough to work with.

My photography is full of love, often hilarious, and all about letting your unique personalities shine- so if you're adventurous, fun loving, and madly adore your partner, you are my soul people and I want to meet you! 

There’s also nowhere I won’t go or any adventure I won’t go on- I’ve seriously stood waist deep in water or gone barefoot for “the shot” more times than I can count!