Kat + Chris's Wedding at Yellowbelly in St. John's // Newfoundland Wedding Photographer


Chris's dad got a yellow VW Westfalia for just $1000 years ago in a stroke of luck. Eventually, the bus (The Colonel) became Chris's, and it went with him to Ontario where everyone joked that the bus was the love of his life.

That is, until he met Kat. This beautiful soul came along and fit perfectly in the passenger seat. 

Flash forward to a year ago. Recently engaged and having decided to get married in Newfoundland where Chris is from, these cuties stumbled upon me and I am incredibly grateful they did. When Kat told me they had an antique yellow Westfalia they'd be driving down for the wedding, I nearly fell out of my seat because I've wanted this exact bus since I was a little kid (and even have a mini replica of it on my shelf)!

Yesterday, I was completely honoured to finally meet these two. They gave me the biggest bear hugs, and Chris didn't even judge me when I literally went weak in the knees and couldn't speak properly for about half an hour upon seeing the Colonel (it took me about an hour to recover LOL).

They shared a beautiful ceremony with their own vows. They didn't complain about the rain ONCE. We adventured by the sea, just us and the bus, documenting another milestone in their life in the most epic way possible. Everyone cried all night at the reception (especially at her dad's speech, waterworks) and so much love was shared. Kat surprised her new husband with a recording of their first dance song that she sang herself, and they swayed underneath the lights of Yellowbelly. 

Thank you SO much, Kat and Chris. People like you make me love my job. You are both so generous, loving, kindhearted, adventurous souls and when we met I felt like we had been friends for years. Thank you for bringing me along on yours and the bus's most amazing adventure yet.

Love you two so much, maybe even more than your bus ;)


HMUA: Nadia Ali Makeup Artistry

Assistant : Nadia Ali

Venue: Yellowbelly Brewery

Bouquet: All Events

Music: The Musicmen

Katie + Fred's 1920's Wedding at Manuel's River // St. John's Wedding Photographer


A decade together. The first half as friends, the second half in love. And their whole life ahead.

Katie & Fred's wedding in June was filled with so much amazingness my heart burst! They share a love of vintage, so a 1920's inspired wedding was a no-brainer. From the bride's beaded gown, to the flapper bridesmaid dresses, to the stunning feather centrepieces at the reception, these guys' personality was ALL over their wedding. The best part, though, was a board game cocktail hour to entertain their guests!

Thank you so much, Katie and Fred for your friendship, outgoing spirit, and for always down to be silly! From one crazy cat parent to another, I wish you guys all the happiness in the world.


Second Shooter: Amanda Dinn Photography // Venue: Manuels River

Officiant: Craig Murphy // Music: The MusicMen

Band: Bic & The Ballpoints // Florist: The Floral Boutique

Decorator: Exquisite Events // Sweets: Newfoundland Chocolate Company

Hair/Makeup: Juanita Tobin // Photobooth: Shutterstruck

Michelle + Don's Wedding in Quidi Vidi // St. John's Wedding Photographer


Michelle & Don got married surrounded by their closest family and friends down on the docks of Quidi Vidi where Michelle spent her childhood. It was such a beautiful evening by the water for their I do's, followed by an adventure around the village!

These two are THE MOST adorable, and you can honestly just feel their love coming through when you look at these photos. Capturing their lives for the evening was a total joy!

Special thanks to Todd at Mallard Cottage for the celebratory champagne and for inviting us to hang out in your backyard!

Julia + Gerry's Wedding in Gander // Newfoundland Wedding Photography


The wind whipped around so fiercely and it rained off and on this wedding day, but it was completely irrelevant as soon as you took one look at Julia and Gerry.

You can tell that these two share their souls; they are entirely dedicated to loving one another and growing in life together. What's even more apparent is the commitment Julia and Gerry have to happiness and to being grateful, which radiates completely over everything they do. 

We had an incredible day exploring Gander, laughing so hard our sides hurt, and taking time to appreciate the magic of life, so much so that every time I look back on these beautiful people it touches my heart to remember all the blessings we counted and the real human connection that was shared. 

Enjoy this glimpse into the story of some of the most caring, kind, resilient people I've ever met. xo

Brian + Shawn's Elopement // St. John's Wedding Photographer


Brian and Shawn. Decades together, deep friendship & beautiful love, and now husbands.

Spent an afternoon with these joyful souls last fall making it official. Their intimate elopement on the dockside of St. John's brought tears to everyone's eyes, including mine- but that's no shock.

Enjoy this little glimpse into their story. XO 

Signing their marriage document and smiling ear to ear. Love my job so much. 

Kelli & Brad's Wedding at Rocket Bakery in St. John's / Newfoundland Wedding Photographers


It's always been a strong belief of mine that the very best kind of weddings are the ones where you throw tradition to the wind, do things your way, and make the celebration all about love & enjoying the company of your favourite people.

Kelli & Brad did just that by keeping their wedding super laid back.

We started the day with a first look over the harbour, and it was a miracle we didn't blow away! ;) Then it was onto the park for family time (just look at their gorgeous daughter, my heart!), and drinks at Shamrock City with their bridal party. After dinner at JAG Hotel, Kelli and Brad had an evening ceremony at Rocket Bakery which was followed by a super chill cocktail reception!

Big thanks to these fellas for an amazing day (and the amazing food, haha!). Congratulations and all my love K+B!

Floral & Decor: Lacy Rose Design

Officiant: Craig Murphy - Ceremonies and Celebrations

DJ: Jordan Light & Sound

Gown: Kathy Evans Bridal Studio

HMUA: April Pink Beauty

Bridal Shawl : Rodney Philpott Designs

Venue: Rocket Bakery & Fresh Food

(Shout out to Shamrock City for having us for a drink!)

Claudia & Enrico's Wedding at Yellowbelly in St. John's // Newfoundland Wedding Photographer


Life has a funny way of working itself out. No matter the hardships, the heartache, and the twisting path you took to get here today, sometimes you meet someone who changes everything.

Claudia and Enrico's love was each other's saving grace, and I was so honoured to spend a rainy (understatement) November day with them and their beautiful family to celebrate their wedding. It poured cats and dogs people, I don't know how else to explain it, but that only added to the magic that surrounds this couple. 

They ran through the rain, danced under the golden glow of string lights, and shared their love for everyone so fiercely. I can't think of a better way for them to have began the rest of their lives together than what you're about to witness below. xo

Live Wire Events | Yellowbelly Brewery

(Special thanks goes out to The Inn at Mallard Cottage)

Terri-lynn + Andy's Wedding in Twillingate, Newfoundland | St. John's Wedding Photographers


Their story began 12 years ago in high school, driving back and forth between two small towns until Andy *finally* asked Terri-lynn to be his girlfriend. Flash forward to last weekend, and they went back to Twillingate where it all began in order to celebrate their love. 

The coastal wind battered everything in sight. We were all shaking from the cold. I'm pretty sure it was below 0. The weather wrenched the location plans. But absolutely NONE of that mattered, because Terri-lynn and Andy had the most perfect day- imperfect weather and all.

The love these two share is fierce, warm, and full of the most beautiful laughter. It was an honour to brave the cold on the sea for these two, and I wish them a lifetime of absolute happiness. 

Congratulations to Mr & Mrs Pride!!

Until next time, XO


April + Jason's Wedding at The Doctor's House in Green's Harbour // Newfoundland Wedding Photographer


If a wedding day makes you feel as though you're floating on air, then getting married at The Doctor's House makes you feel like you're in another world entirely.

Surrounded by the fresh forest air, with little peeks of the ocean horizon coming through the trees, April & Jason said their I Do's. They joined two beautiful families into one and celebrated the bond they already share with their beautiful little boy. 

Happiness was in abundance with these guys as we frolicked by the ocean, went for a dory ride, and danced the night away in a barn loft!! I wish April, Jason, and their son Blake a lifetime of happiness. All my my love to you!


By Sharpe Design || Allison Best - Makeup Artistry || SKY Salon || Colorful Creations ||

The Doctor's House Inn & Spa || Ever After Bridal Boutique

Erin and Tim's Wedding at The Stone Jug in Carbonear // Newfoundland Wedding Photographers


Erin & Tim's wedding was uniquely inspired by their love of stories, film, and all things fantasy, but their wedding was the best tale of all. The "First 6 Years" were just the beginning.

Their day began at The Rose Manor in Carbonear, which was the perfect oceanside setting for their first look. 


It was on to The Stone Jug in Carbonear for their ceremony & reception... but not without a super unique surprise in between!

YES, that was a magician!! What an amazing way to pass the time during cocktail hour!

No one could handle Erin + Tim's insanely creative decor: each centrepiece was themed after a different story/fantasy location, from Game of Thrones to Winnie The Pooh!

The next chapter for Erin & Tim is going to be a beautiful one, this wedding guaranteed it. Congratulations with all my heart to these two crazy lovebirds who are just as cat-obsessed as I am! xox- Maddie

Leah and Norm's Ocean-Inspired Wedding on Fogo Island / St. John's Wedding Photographer


Fogo Island is a lot of things. It is jagged shorelines and crooked fenceposts. Rugged hills and outport hospitality. It is feeling "home".

It is also where Leah & Norm said yes to forever. 

With an emotionally-charged first look on the beach, to exploring the hills with their small bridal party, to visiting areas from the groom's childhood, it was a wedding day that perfectly celebrated Leah + Norm's sweet love. 

Enjoy their story below.

See this pretty pup? In a CRAZY twist of fate, I found out the day before the wedding that this is Sadie, the beagle my family and I named and fostered back in 2009. Amazing to see that she went to a beautiful home. Just look at her smile!

“I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where. I love you simply, without problems or pride: I love you in this way because I do not know any other way of loving but this, in which there is no I or you, so intimate that your hand upon my chest is my hand, so intimate that when I fall asleep your eyes close.” 
― Pablo Neruda

Sylina and Peter's Wedding at Murray's Pond in Newfoundland / St. John's Wedding Photographers


Lakeside wedding vows, pure vintage elegance, and swing dancing are just a few things that Sylina and Peter's wedding day was all about. Their day last weekend was a celebration of family, coming together, and the sweet love S+P share.

Encompassing years' worth of love into photographs on one day is always an honour, and for these two it was no exception. 

Many thanks to Andrea Gorman Photography for second shooting!

Sylina sure needed those dancing shoes! You'll see in a bit...

Sylina and Peter did a Ring Warming ceremony at their wedding, it was so unique!

Our first stop was Sylina and Peter's new home that they only just bought a couple MONTHS before the wedding! We just had to take these busy bees to their place for a bit. :) 

And then it was onto some cliffs (because these two are super adventurous!). Just LOOK at that veil go!! 

It was time to head back to Murray's Pond as the sun was setting, to begin the fabulous reception!

That's a wrap for these two lovebirds! Thank you SO much to Sylina and Peter for inviting me to capture your sweet love. :) 


Venue: Murray's Pond
Music: Phonse King, King's Photography and DJ
Florist: By Sharpe Design
Decorator: DIY
Cake/Sweets: Nourish Bakery
Videographer: Phonse King, King's Photography and DJ

Gown:  Dress  - Casablanca bought at Kathy Evans. 
Hair: Mobile Hair by Allison
Makeup : Sayer Walsh-Sullivan of Color Me Bronze



So, you're struggling with your wedding timeline? 
Welcome to the club.

If there's a one thing that I get asked by each and every couple, it's "HOW do I make a wedding timeline?" Even more than that, I get so many couples absolutely AGONIZING over whether or not to do a First Look for their wedding day, due to a number of factors and worries I'll address below.

 Worry no more people, I'm here to help conquer these First Look and timeline blues with the next instalment in my FOR COUPLES Blog Series!

When trying to dream up your ideal wedding timeline, it may feel a little like you want to claw your eyes out, but this blog post will hopefully give you some insight into the direction you'll choose. :) 



Being a photographer who loves untraditional, unique, adventurous weddings, first looks are close to my heart. 

If you haven't heard of this or don't fully understand the details, it's pretty simple! :) Instead of seeing each other for the first time at the ceremony, you arrange to see each other before the vows and take a moment to yourselves before the whirlwind of the wedding day ahead.

First, we put one of you facing away from the other at a location of your choice.

sometimes it's as intimate as taking place in your own home-

0003janelle marc first look.jpg

other times it's with a sweeping landscape in the background!

After taking a pause to soak in the anticipation that's KILLING you, you finally get to face each other, see how amazing your Other Half looks, and embrace :)


There are a couple different ways you can incorporate a first look into your wedding day! Have a look at this comparison below to see two ways it can fit in while still having a timeline that suits your tastes. 

TYPE 1 puts ALL your photos on the wedding day before the ceremony and reception, leaving absolutely no break in between.

TYPE 2 is my favourite because it's a great balance of a modern and traditional timeline. You still have some photos after the ceremony, but the break isn't as long.


Doing a first look is such an amazing chance to...

- help erase your pre-ceremony nerves

- have a moment alone together before being around a huge crowd the rest of the day

- explore a SUPER cool location for some photos that may be impractical to visit with a traditional wedding timeline


I know what's on your mind. Here are some reasons why you may be nervous about doing a first look (and why you can toss those worries aside)!!

- You may be worried about or already dealing with opinions regarding doing your wedding this way. You need to do you and that means the way your wedding day flows too. The people who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind. :) 

-You're worried that your better half won't have as good as a reaction as you walk down the aisle. can guarantee you their reaction to you will be one full of love! Even if they have already seen how incredible you look, nothing compares to the feeling they'll have when you walk towards them just seconds before your vows.


In the end, this special day is to celebrate the love you and your spouse share. Throw away your ideas of what "should be" and don't be afraid to make your dreams happen.  First looks aren't for everyone, but if it's something you've been considering I hope this blog post gave you some insight into the beautiful world of this unique and modern wedding tradition! 

Until next time! xx Maddie  

Janelle and Marc's Wedding at Manuel's River in CBS / St. John's Wedding Photographer

In a fun little twist of fate, I was taken back to Manuel's River for the same date two years in a row. This time around it was Janelle and Marc's turn to tie the knot!

Being a Newfoundland girl engaged to a New Brunswick guy, they of COURSE had to come here to get married, bringing many guests along with them from NB to celebrate in the most magical place on earth! 

Janelle & Marc were treated to a seriously beautiful day for their wedding, and they spent it getting ready together in the same house, exploring the Manuel's River woods, and sharing a quiet evening coffee on a balcony just before entering their reception.

No wedding is complete without a classic Screech In, so Skipper Dickie finished off the night with. a crazy time for the mainlanders! They were totally game for some fun and it made for a party.

Congratulations and all my love to Mr & Mrs Dumont!

Before Janelle did her first look with Marc, she had to do one with her girls too. :)

And then it was Marc's turn to see his bride. My heart!!!